Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shando! (the movie)


There have been movies, over the last century that changed our idea of cinema forever. Shando! is, I would say, a century of its own. This movie, watchable only within the realm of Acquaspazio, is the most remarkable depiction of the human condition: the epilepsy of the soul. It is directed with Babylonian precision, and perfectly crafted  around themes that are both universal and ordinary, sandy and smooth, pagan and bittersweet; the cast, selected with manic attention for the shape of the noses, is a good reason to invent an Oscar for "multiple best actors", since there are no roles in this production, and therefore no mistakes. It is a magnificent and lucid journey inside all of the things that, before this movie was made, we always considered utterly useless. Shando!, in a nutshell, is an unmistakable coconut with divine proportions.

" Saviah Mustlernack without a role is divine! " ****
- The Acquaspazio Times-

" I couldn't finish my popcorn because my tears made it too salty. Bravo! " *****
- Clint Eastwood -

" Shando! is better than any movie ever made with an exclamation point in the title! " ****
-The Acquaspazio Post -

" It's the most important movie we've seen since cinema was invented, because it's the only important movie " *****
- AcquaVogue -

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