Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pinhole Photography in Acquaspazio

                                (how to properly expose and not hallucinate on the results)

Since Acquaspazio doesn't have any fixed molecular rule, any exposure taken in this dimension will result in what we call an "Ichthyophotograph". This type of photo is taken by a pinhole-frog and developed on the invisible skin of the puzzle-fish, which circulatory system is made of photo chemicals. The creation of an Ichthyophotograph is a random phenomena, as it happens only when a shoal of puzzle-fish is passing in front of a pinhole-frog. Once the shoal of puzzle-fish is exposed, it retains whatever picture was impressed on it for ever. Watching an exposed shoal of puzzle-fish is an extraordinary experience, because the picture morphs continuously along with the shape of the swimming-floating shoal.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shando! (the movie)


There have been movies, over the last century that changed our idea of cinema forever. Shando! is, I would say, a century of its own. This movie, watchable only within the realm of Acquaspazio, is the most remarkable depiction of the human condition: the epilepsy of the soul. It is directed with Babylonian precision, and perfectly crafted  around themes that are both universal and ordinary, sandy and smooth, pagan and bittersweet; the cast, selected with manic attention for the shape of the noses, is a good reason to invent an Oscar for "multiple best actors", since there are no roles in this production, and therefore no mistakes. It is a magnificent and lucid journey inside all of the things that, before this movie was made, we always considered utterly useless. Shando!, in a nutshell, is an unmistakable coconut with divine proportions.

" Saviah Mustlernack without a role is divine! " ****
- The Acquaspazio Times-

" I couldn't finish my popcorn because my tears made it too salty. Bravo! " *****
- Clint Eastwood -

" Shando! is better than any movie ever made with an exclamation point in the title! " ****
-The Acquaspazio Post -

" It's the most important movie we've seen since cinema was invented, because it's the only important movie " *****
- AcquaVogue -

Sunday, June 23, 2013

the carbonara

see you next monday!