Monday, September 16, 2013

Legend of La Poma

 Sometimes people have wondered: is there ice-cream  in Acquaspazio?

Yes there is.

Somewhere, waiting on the edge of an orchid-planet, sits the mysterious La Poma.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Physics of Acquaspazio #1


By Desiderius Papp Jr.

From the first time I was thrown in Acquaspazio, I immediately started to look the reality around and trying to understand the surrounding through my physics notion background. Since that moment, I started to observe macroscopic bodies and tried to understand the laws that rules their acts of motion. First of all I noticed that the motion in the Acquaspazio seems to be like the movement of a jellyfish in a viscous liquid, but it seems that the friction produced isn't attributable to any physical interaction known. In fact we discovered that the movement in Acquaspazio is produced by a Non-Standard Gravity which links bodies depending on their "mutual empathy". We call such Non-Standard Gravity as "Selective Gravity" because the close dependence on a sort of "Einfühlung". Therefore we define the act of motion in Acquaspazio as "Enjellyfish"  (from the syneresis between "enjoy" and "jellyfish"). 

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