Monday, September 16, 2013

Legend of La Poma

 Sometimes people have wondered: is there ice-cream  in Acquaspazio?

Yes there is.

Somewhere, waiting on the edge of an orchid-planet, sits the mysterious La Poma.

Nobody really knows who La Poma really is, but everybody knows his legendary ice-cream. 

Many many years ago, La Poma discovered a secret spot, a hidden channel in Acquaspazio where human memories travel very often. 

La Poma waits patiently for this memories to swim by and captures them.

At the end of his day, La Poma returns at his little ice-cream shop and eats the memories he had caught.


La Poma's brain is an ice-cream machine! 

When you eat one of his ice-cream it tastes like someone's memory!

To describe this experience is basically impossible.

So, get yourself over La Poma's legendary ice-cream shop, and let us know what memories you had!

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