Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pinhole Photography in Acquaspazio

                                (how to properly expose and not hallucinate on the results)

Since Acquaspazio doesn't have any fixed molecular rule, any exposure taken in this dimension will result in what we call an "Ichthyophotograph". This type of photo is taken by a pinhole-frog and developed on the invisible skin of the puzzle-fish, which circulatory system is made of photo chemicals. The creation of an Ichthyophotograph is a random phenomena, as it happens only when a shoal of puzzle-fish is passing in front of a pinhole-frog. Once the shoal of puzzle-fish is exposed, it retains whatever picture was impressed on it for ever. Watching an exposed shoal of puzzle-fish is an extraordinary experience, because the picture morphs continuously along with the shape of the swimming-floating shoal.


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