Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The cave of the paranoid foxes

This is one of the most ancient sites in Acquaspazio.

We are still not sure why this information supposed to be reliable, but we like to believe in it.

This giant ear-shaped cave is known for its most peculiar echo.

In this cave echo travels through visible loops of sound.

These loops starts from any source of sound and go back to it in circle, creating a "permanent echo effect" that last forever.

This cave is inhabited by a very strange-looking species of fox, which calls and screams are even more high-pitched than regular foxes.

These foxes never leave the cave, and the echoes that have been looping in their brains ended up making them completely crazy.


Now these foxes conducts a paranoid existence, scratching themselves furiously in a pathetic attempt to get rid of the echo that torments their minds.

Nobody knows how they keep surviving, but they remain one of the few certainties in Acquaspazio. You'll always find them there, itching and screaming in an endless echo-nightmare.

Meanwhile, our sound designer Mastino Sustain is working on recording these horrifying sounds, so all you can do is listen to them and get a better idea of what we'r talking about.

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