Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The incredible Bio-Tripod

In order to shoot movies in ACQUASPAZIO everybody needs a Bio-Tripod

What is a Bio-Tripod?

It's a three-legged parasitoid frame. Like most of the parasitoid, it consumes the host.
The only living creature that can host a Bio-Tripod is a cameraman.
The cameraman (which is always a dweller of the human dimension) becomes one with the Bio-Tripod (which is always an ACQUASPAZIO creature) and as a result the cameraman is able to shoot the most unique movies, generating camera movements directly from his nervous system. The Bio-Tripod, however, will slowly digest the body of the cameraman as the footage gets consumed. In fact, the footage itself is created by the cameraman's cells. The only kind of film that can be used in ACQUASPAZIO is called Bio-Cellulose, and it's the equivalent of a full human body. Once the film is over, so it's the life of the cameraman. The Bio-Tripod will not die. After the movie is completed the Bio-Tripod will happily move to another host.

The Bio-Tripod is generally a very happy parasite.

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